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Welcome to The PalmWine Writer website. This website was created with the aim of providing a space for critical thinking and ideas created by the next generation of writers. The PalmWine Writer is excited to share with you our vision for the future.


As outlined above, we envision that our platform would host intellectual and scholarly works from upcoming and already established African writers. Specifically, we intend to create a conglomerate of the works of students in tertiary institutions, well-known columnists and scholars. Our mission is to publish meaningful and impactful literature that would serve as the basis for education and reeducation of our contributors and readers alike.


As a body, we are more interested in scholarly work, innovative paradigms, information and event critiques, and works of art produced by Africans from all over the world. Our primary focus is to create a community that supports the production of genuine African thoughts as well as provide critical analyses of events happening around the globe. As an organisation, our dream is to build a community for new voices who wish to document their understanding of the world around them. We do not aim to be your everyday channel for news and mainstream journalism, rather, we aim to bring to light ideas and interpretations that may not be found elsewhere.


We welcome all new authors but we pray you to keep to the instructions stipulated in our submissions guidelines. We also find it important to state that the PalmWine Writer is not affiliated to any regime, political party nor country. We are an independent organisation interested solely in fair evaluation, analyses and critiques of phenomena. Every opinion portrayed is solely the opinion of the writer and it does not reflect the opinions of the PalmWine Writer as a whole.

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