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Logue – The Unexpected Voices of City Masquerades


“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams”
– W. B. Yeats


I hear voices and I meet frequently with words. Each of whom has poured their souls into my ears as they squeeze through the walls, gates and crevices of my mind. I have developed a relationship with each word and at their
behest, I have placed them delicately, side-by-side, as I try to show them my utmost respect.

I learned that my father, like I, endured this uncanny fascination with words. I believe this was an impregnable
sign to devote myself to poetry. So, I write because I am compelled to hold on to an intrinsic part of myself.


“Omogbolahan Bello has crafted something unique where tradition confronts modernity and spirituality intersects with the questions of daily existence. The result is deep and beautiful!” – Uzezi Ologe


“Profundity unveils itself in esoteric dimensions, culminating in experiences through which the fingers of time have tinkered. This brilliant collection is not just entirely enthralling; with soulful engagement, it mildly guides the mind into unleashing its harness. Logue is a debut worthy of literary honours.”  Carter Ford


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Logue – The Unexpected Voices of City Masquerades

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